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Priscilla Collins on Borrowed & Blue

December 19, 2012

‘Tis the season to celebrate those we cherish and be close to the ones we love, so in keeping with the spirit of the season, we wanted to share some pictures from a client’s beautiful wedding which was recently featured on Borrowed & Blue.  Our wonderful friend and colleague, Priscilla Collins, styled the bride, giving her the perfect look for a summery Cape Cod fête and ensuring she was without-question the most beautiful girl in the room (though, to be honest, she already was- Jessica is gorgeous).  We’r so proud of Priscilla, who’s one of the best wedding stylists we’ve ever met, for having her work featured on such a terrific site!

Here’s a small sampling of the magic from the day, captured by photographer Heidi Vail, but we recommend that you click over to the full feature -and prepare to swoooooon- to see more.






Hey, Hey! Avanti

December 18, 2012

Our friends at Hey Hey Gorgeous recently let loose some exciting news- they upgraded their platform so everyone from stylists and clients to salons and beauty brands can connect with one another and share any and all things that have to do with style and hair.  Of course, we’ll be clipping the products we love, examples of our work, the styles we covet and the looks and techniques that have us super inspired, and we’d love for you to follow us and share your inspiration and favorites, too!

Creating a user profile is so easy (we promise), and can easily be registered in moments using your Facebook account.  Plus, if you register before the end of the year and invite five friends to join, you enter to win a Hermes H Bracelet – so, you know what to do.  See you over at HHG!

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 18.15.20

p.s. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, well, you know what to do…. xox!

Boston Gift Guide: Samantha House Jewelry

December 14, 2012

Our good friend and party co-conspirator, Samantha House, has just previewed her newest collection of artistically-crafted jewelry; it’s called  Twist and we are in love!  Below are our favorite pieces from the new offerings, but we urge you to jump over to The Adventures of Samantha House Jewelry and make your own most-wanted list.  The collection feels eccentrically luxe with lots of rich colors and Samantha’s iconic metal-work.  Much to our dismay, the Twist collection is not yet available for purchase, but there are lots of statement-making goodies in her online store that make perfect gifts for any lady- yourself included!

1 2 3 8 10 1211

Check out previous installments of our Boston Gift guide here, here, here, and here.  Happy Holidays!

Anne Hathaway’s Haircut

December 12, 2012

This isn’t an earth-shattering confession or anything, but we’re pretty in love with Anne Hathaway’s hair these days.  The short cut she’s been wearing has been styled to look edgy, twee, and, here, soft and pretty.  The below photos are from her recent visit to The Late Show with David Letterman and we think she looks seasonally appropriate and positively radiant, giving all those other Hollywood starlets a run for their money, or at least a run for the Oscar… Anyway, absolutely love the cut.  Lovelovelove!



{Colors May Vary} Editorial by Bullett

December 11, 2012

Around this time of year, we can sometimes get a little bogged down with “holiday colors”.  You know, reds and greens, silvers and golds, velvety black, winter white, and rich, satiny blues.  Sometimes, when we’re feeling this way, a totally bonkers editorial like this comes along and we find ourselves falling back in love with color- the entire spectrum of wonderful, vibrant, beautiful color!  This is undoubtedly because color reminds us of summer and with the days getting shorter and our to-do list getting longer, we could really do with a dose of summer.  And that super crimped hair and those zig-zag eyebrows?  Insane summer!  We love.  No, really, we love.

After reveling in the glory of these photos for a few minutes- with your happy light switched on, of course- you’ll be ready to settle back into the hum-drum and rum-pum-pum-pum of the season.  We promise.  Now, deep breaths and enjoy…






All photos via Bullett.

Holiday Braids in Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

December 7, 2012

When we saw these photos from Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, we immediately thought Holiday! The looks, which throw off a Game of Thrones vibe that we’re totally embracing, make us think of White Queens, holiday parties, and dramatic entrances.  And while the clothes and accessories make our breath catch in our throats- so lovely!– it’s the hair that we truly love.  The braids!  They’re divine,  And we dare say, absolutely perfect for one or two upcoming parties…

We super love the braided bun (2nd photo) and the spiral braid (last picture).  Which one is your favorite?!  We’d love to know!







Hair by Linh Nguyen

Boston Gift Guide: Patch NYC

December 6, 2012

Tucked away in the Courtyard at 46 Waltham Street is one of our favorite South End shops, Patch NYC.  An Ariel’s Cave of worldly splendors, the store offers an array of eye-catching objects and accessories that would delightful any lady or gent- even those who seem to have everything.

From mixed fabric scarves to eccentric jewelry, uniquely-scented candles to coffee table books, we can’t get enough of Patch NYC.  Their in-house designs are cheeky yet luxe, and their range of wares from vendors the world over will be treasures in any home.  We wanted to share a few of our favorite gift ideas here, but once you stop in the store, we’re sure you’ll find plenty more of your own.


1. Paper Mache African Deer ($118)     2. Classic Mixed Fabric Scarf  ($124)     3. Chevron Medium Bowl ($369)
4.Toggle Front Hand & Horseshoe Necklace ($198)     5. Stag Candle ($38)     6. Elephant Box ($297)

‘Tis the season to shop local!

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