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Superman Has a Right Part

July 19, 2014

Can your hair part make you a superhero?

Turns out that it can. Sort of. There’s actually some science behind Hair Part Theory, originally developed by a nuclear physicist and a cultural anthropologist back in 1999. Turns out that where you part your hair has a huge impact on your interpersonal relationships because it affects how people see you and how you see yourself. A left hair part “draws unconscious attention to the activities that are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain, i.e. activities traditionally attributed to masculinity.” A right hair part is linked to femininity. So a guy who parts his hair on the right is putting himself at some risk because he’s sending a mixed, subconscious message by emphasizing the activities of the brain that are attributed to femininity. A woman who parts her hair on the left will be taken more seriously than one with a right part.
Not buying this at all, are you? Well, listen to a recent RadioLab episode. Turns out Superman had a left part and Clark Kent parted his hair on the right. Also, there’s a fantastic TRUE story about a guy who was a total loser until he changed his hair part to the left and then he had friends coming out of the wall.
Also, in a survey conduced by Radiolab, 49.9% of respondents say they part their hair on the left, 33.1% on the right, and the rest either don’t know or don’t care. Of course, where this leaves center parters is an entirely different question.
And here’s one for you history buffs. Abraham Lincoln parted his hair on the left. But the engraver who put his picture on the 5 dollar bill actually flipped his part for some reason. Which
one looks more presidential to you?
 abe1 abe2
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