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November 14, 2012

One of the reasons I entered the hair industry was my love for braiding.  As a child, I would braid anything: my little pony, blades of grass, friendship bracelets, my own hair, anything.  My love for braids never dissipated even though many people consider them to be childlike, bohemian, or reserved for Mexican vacations and Bo Derek moments.

Happily, braids are having something of a resurgence right now.  For the first time in years, they’re being seen as chic instead of kitsch, as elegant instead of junior, and one man in particular is doing a lot to revolutionize the braid movement.  This man is the enormously talented stylist James Pecis.  The California native currently lives in London and has built his career on his ability to knot, twist, and braid hair into intricate and elegant looks.  Don’t believe us?  Just see for yourself!

These first two images are of Australian model,  Bambi Northwood-Blyth  for Into the Gloss.

We really love these looks and we hope you do, too.

all photos via Into the Gloss

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