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Just Add Hair!

November 6, 2012

Seeing as today is election day, many of us will likely find ourselves in moments where we’re a little tense and riled up.  Like you, we’re passionate about our political persuasions here in the salon, but we think it’s important to crack a smile and engage in some laughter in the midst of our one-way political discussions with our televisions, so here’s a little something that made us smile, and we hope it makes you smile, too.

Creative site Worth1000 set up a Photoshop contest asking the Adobe CS-savvy to digitally gender swap some of the world’s most famous stars.  The results are quite hilarious, but the below images are some of our favorites.  As you can see, the images go to show that a new hair style and a touch of makeup can truly do wonders… can you guess the stars in each of the photos?  (answers at the bottom)














1. Jack Black
2. Clint Eastwood
3. Robert Downey Jr.
4. Richard Gere
5. Sean Connery
6. Adrian Brody


p.s. Don’t forget to vote!

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