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Client Love: Sofia Barbieri

October 24, 2012

The most wonderful perk of working in a salon is that we get to have head messages at the shampoo bowl as often as we please, but the second best perk is that we get to meet interesting people every single day.  Our clients come from all walks of life and we’re always keen to hear their stories and see the world from their perspective.  Take, for instance, Sofia Barbieri.  She’s a Bostonian by way of Verona, Italy and is the lady behind the blog Sofisticated Wisdom, which gives us a peek of her beauty-filled life.  Here at Avanti, we think Sofia is pretty great, so we wanted to do an interview and let you get to know her, too.  Enjoy!

Name: Sofia Barbieri
Age: I am at the sunset of 22…turning 23 in December
Occupation: PR professional and Beauty Blogger
Avanti Client Since: August 2011
Stylist You Visit: My girl JANIDA. She’s a rock star.

You have beautiful, long, brown ombré hair right now, but if you could attempt any look/style, what would you choose?
Remember the bob that Katie Holmes had a couple of years ago? I would go with that.

What is your favorite beauty indulgence?
Anything from LUSH and Mac lipsticks, I have a stack of them as big as the store display…

You always seem to be trying out something new to add to your cosmetic bag so tell us, what beauty products do you recommend?
I have the longest list. I keep saying this on my blog but everybody should have a good moisturizer (I always joke saying that finding the perfect moisturizer is like finding the perfect man: almost impossible). I personally use Origins and Clinique for moisturizers and I recommend both. As for make up, I would say the product that I think everyone should own is the Urban Decay Naked Palette – greatest and most convenient palette ever…the quality of each shadow is second to none. Also, since I have a soft spot for dramatic lashes, I would recommend the Maybelline Illegal Length mascara.

Fall is upon us- what are your favorite trends for autumn?
Prints, colored denim, full eyebrows and extravagant cat eyes.

Who are your style icons and influences?
I really like Lauren Conrad’s clean and charming style and am a huge fan of Kate Middleton. Her quintessential and sophisticated style leaves me speechless every time.
Boston has so many great stores to browse, what are your favorite places to shop?
For makeup/skincare: Sephora, Mac and LUSH. For clothes/accessories: LOFT and Kate Spade.

I know you do some at-home skin and haircare, how do you find your ‘recipes’ and what made you start down the DIY route?
I have been experimenting with my own recipes for about two years now. A lot of them are old tricks coming from my grandmother, mom and common Italian traditions. Some others I have just put together knowing the beauty benefits of each product. For example, yogurt in a beauty mask will help fight acne and discoloration. Add honey for an anti-aging and moisturizing effect et voilá, you have an inexpensive but extremely effective mask.

What inspires you/ where do you look for inspiration?
I find that color plays a huge role as far as my inspiration goes. Color is in make up, interior design, beauty products…everywhere. Also, food inspires me for my DIY beauty recipes.

What are your favorite places in Boston?
I love Faneuil Hall, the Boston Harbor, and the South End.

Favorite restaurant for brunch?
The Pour House in Back Bay…can’t beat the price.

Favorite spot for cocktails?
Trade by South Station

Best dinner spot in the city?
Carlo’s Cucina Italiana without a doubt. Coming from 100% Italian blood, I think it says a lot about the quality and authenticity of the food they serve.

You’re originally from Verona, Italy- when did you move to Boston and, like, why Boston?!
I moved to Boston in 2008 to attend Boston College. Never had I imagined it would become my permanent home.

What is your favorite travel destination?
I love traveling and am lucky enough to have seen many different places. I loved Paris, Amsterdam and Hawaii…

When did you start your blog and what prompted you to begin writing it?
Sofisticated Wisdom is very new but, in a way, its opening was long overdue. I have always had a passion for beauty products, latest trends and personal style and I felt the need to share my thoughts and recommendations with others. Opening Sofisticated Wisdom provided me the outlet to do this.

There are a number of great fashion bloggers out there, who do you like to read and how do you differentiate yourself and keep your content fresh?
I love reading blogs; I think other peoples’ lives and interests are so intriguing. I am huge fan of The Blonde Salad and The Bostonista. They both know fashion like the back of their own hands and are a great inspiration. To keep current, I read magazines and I surf the web to see what others are saying. However, most of my inspiration comes from my personal life. I’ll wake up and I’ll ask myself, “If I were my readers, what would I like to read today” and then I start typing.

Do you have any advice for newbie bloggers?
Yes, being a blogger is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t obsess over stats after just a week of blogging; concentrate, instead, on producing dashing content that people would love to read. This sounds cheesy, but don’t forget to be yourself…that’s the fastest route to success.

Can you share some words on the Boston blogging community?
Even though I am new to the Boston blogging scene, it seems like there many people that have a lot to say about a variety of topics. It’s definitely something exciting to be a part of.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Place doesn’t necessarily matter, I would just love to be happy, accomplished and inspired every day of my life.

What are the five things you can’t live without?
iPhone, Macbook, chapstick, moisturizer and my Canon.

What are you most looking forward to right now?: I am looking forward to Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year. Can’t wait to cross the pond and see my family and friends in Italy.

Parting words: Don’t forget to check out my blog at I hope you love it!

All photos via Sofia Barbieri. 
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