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Creative Soul Spectrum & Avanti Salon

October 19, 2012

As you know well enough, we love bringing our clients joy.  We want them to feel pampered when they’re in the salon and radiant when they leave.  Our clients are not just clients, they’re friends and people we cherish.  And thought we have many lovely clients already, we’re always excited to meet new people who inspire us, challenge us, and get us excited to come to work every day.  Take Amy Connolly, for instance.  She is the illustrator/artist/fabulous lady behind the fantastic local blog Creative Soul Spectrum.  When she heard about our Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotion (50% off your haircut if you’ve had a mammogram in the last three months- details here), she decided to book an appointment and then shared her experience with her readers.

Her words, the photos, everything about this post makes us beam with joy.  We’re proud of all our contributions to the Breast Cancer Crusade, and we’re flattered to have clients who enjoy seeing us, so we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot right now.  We’re pretty lucky stylists, what can we say…

An enormous thank you to Amy (above) for the great photos and post, to Rob and Brian for being stylists-extraordinaire, and to you, dear reader, for checking in.

Together, let’s make this work a more beautiful place!  xox

(all photos by Amy & check out her post for more!)

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