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Look Like a Celebrity, Not a Character

October 18, 2012

Argo, it’s all anyone’s talking about.  We haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet, but it’s supposed to be phenomenal and handsome hometown-boy Ben Affleck sports some serious hair for the film.  No, really, it’s everywhere (bottom right).

Thankfully, Mr. Affleck is sporting a more groomed look and his now peppery (truth) brown hair is looking mighty fine.  Mr. Affleck, like many Boston boys, prefers a more natural approach to styling and though his style has definitely changed over the years (um, remember when he dated J.Lo?) he’s always maintained a clean-cut, approachable look.

His most current cut, which is cropped on the sides and longer on top, stays true to his aesthetic and is still rather standard, but maintaining the look takes time and the perfect product to make it look effortless.  For instance, men who want to emulate this look should plan to get a cut every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on how quickly their hair grows.  That being said, we certainly have some clients who favor stopping in for a trim every 10 to 15 days to ensure their hair is always the perfect length.

For everyday styling, make sure you use quality products that work with your hair’s texture to ensure it’s always looking groomed but not overly-styled.  If we were to extrapolate and say that we are intimately familiar with Mr. Affleck’s hair, which sadly we are not, we’d say that a pomade like Rene Furterer Modeling Paste would be great for Ben.  It gives the perfect amount of hold but has a matte finish that makes it look almost au natural.

Adhere to these simple tips and you’ll find that it’s not difficult to look like a celebrity stud; all you need to do is stop in the salon regularly and use a little product to ensure you look like Ben on the left, and never Ben on the right.


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