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Gillian Anderson: Girl of our Dreams

October 3, 2012

Sometimes when we’re wandering through the interwebs, we come across something that surprises and delights us so much that we just have to take a moment to sit back and say, “Wow!”

For instance, when Gillian Anderson makes an appearance looking like this:

The hair, the makeup, the dress, it’s all perfect.  She looks radiant and glamorous, but still looks comfortable, too.  I think her hair, both in regard to the color and the blowout, is marvelous. This tone is incredibly complimentary to her skin tone and the style beautifully frames her face with the loose waves giving us vibes that are both classic and current all at once.

Though The X Files were a million years ago, I’m still always shocked to see her sporting something other than the auburn bob that seared itself into our collective consciousness and helped to make her famous.  I mean, that auburn bob was fantastic and, like The Rachel, inspired many copy-cats, and it’s still what I think of when I hear the name Gillian Anderson.  Or, rather, it was what I thought of until today.  From this point forward, I will always think of Gillian Anderson as she is in these photos: striking, confident, blonde, and picture-perfect!


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