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Something for Every Man

September 20, 2012

When it comes to timeless men’s style, Berluti‘s spring 2013 collection has classic modern styling in spades. Especially hair styling…

The collection is full of rich colors, sumptuous textiles, and heirloom pieces that you can easily imagine lasting for decades and being passed down from father to son.  But what I love best, above the beauty of the clothes, is the way these looks are styled for the s2013 lookbook.   Berluti is showing us that his clothes are for a wide breadth of men who, irrespective of age, position, and locale, value classic sophistication and well-made clothing.  This is reinforced by the posture of each model and, as I noticed right away, by the unique ways in which they style their hair.

The lookbook could be a men’s hair magazine in a salon waiting room (if only!), for the diversity of lengths and textures of the cuts throughout the lookbook is something to truly marvel.  Whether the look be eccentric and long, referential of mid-century gentility,  or perfectly tousled in a fresh modernity, there is a cut to be found for every man.  If you or a gentleman you may know is in need of a new style, I urge you to take a look.  The findings will not disappoint.

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