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Introducing Kai Lopes!

September 15, 2012

Amidst the moving madness that has typified the past few months, our Avanti Team gained a very special new addition. Although she has been briefly referenced before in the blog, we would like to take this time to fully introduce Kai Lopes, our newest stylist extraordinaire. From the moment this lovely lady stepped into our salon, we recognized in her the combination of confidence, charm, and artistry that marks a truly great stylist. For the lack of a better word, Kai simply glows at all times. Thus, it was with great excitement and curiosity that I requested an interview with our new stylist, hoping to gain some insight into the tremendous inner workings that must drive so distinct a personality.

Kai’s journey to the professional hair styling realm was highly unconventional. Unlike many of her colleagues, Kai did not even consider a career in hair until significantly past her childhood years. Born and raised in Boston, she attended Spelman College in Atlanta as a Biology/Pre-Med major. Before too long, she transformed an obvious knack for styling her own hair into a steady business of doing blow-dries for fellow students right out of her dorm room. It quickly became evident that her natural skill within this realm deserved further training. By 2005, Kai had completed her decision to devote her energies to styling, much to the relief of her many friends and Spelman clients that claimed to have never received so amazing a blow-dry!

8 years later, we now find Kai thoroughly trained in far more than just blow-dries. From colors to cuts, relaxers to dreadlocks, natural styles to weaves, the list of techniques she has mastered is staggering (and still continues to grow). In spite of these complexities, Kai’s approach to her craft is elegantly simple – she believes that every woman, no matter the challenges of her specific hair type, should be able to express herself freely through her hairstyle choices. Above all, the steps taken to assure this versatility of style should in no way compromise the overall health of a client’s hair and scalp. Kai’s clients enter the salon with the rare assurance that a relaxer need not burn, and that their hair should still be in pristine condition if they were to have a weave removed.  Such comforting knowledge combined with the deep, personal connection Kai establishes with each of her clients undoubtedly account for the loyal, loving (and continually growing) clientele that she has already amassed after little more than a decade in the industry.

Outside the salon, Kai maintains a wide variety of interests, not the least of which being music. It is a rare day indeed when the sound of Kai’s soulful singing voice isn’t heard floating above the din of the salon. From singing in church at an early age to performing at weddings and funerals, music has provided an integral part of Kai’s life since the very beginning. When queried about her musical influences, Kai lists an eclectic array of singers that includes the great jazz, gospel, and R & B artists of our time.  Other interests include healthy living – she maintains a gluten free diet and is an exercise enthusiast, rarely leaving home without a thoroughly prepared gym bag (with some fabulous heels thrown in, of course).

Although we didn’t particularly want to envision the salon without her uplifting presence, the question of Kai’s dreams for the future was finally addressed near the end of our time together. The list was long and ambitious, with Kai’s magic being hypothetically applied to the coiffures of such illustrious personages as Beyonce and Michelle Obama. The dream of one day owning her salon is constantly in the corner of her mind as well. Until that time, however, Avanti looks forward to a long, happy association with this delightful stylist and her clients.

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  1. Brenda A. Cole permalink
    September 15, 2012 20:45

    Kai is currently my hairdresser extraordinare who has been doing my
    hair since I relocated to the Boston area 7 months ago. Finding the
    perfect hairdresser was high on my priority list of things to do once
    Ianded in Boston so I began to ask others in the area for a
    recommendation based on my needs, and Kia came highly recommended. I
    have not been disappointed since going to Kia.

    Kia’s skills and techniques really differentiates her from other
    stylists, and because she makes an effort to get to know who you are as
    a person first, it is easy to make the decision to become a
    longstanding customer. Once Kia knows who you are as a person, it
    becomes easy for her to visualize the best hairstyle for you based on
    your personality, profession, and overall style, and its not the style
    she imposes on you, but it is the style you want for yourself.

    Part of what Kia does when doing your hair is to educate you on the
    best way to care for your hair. Many hairdressers do not do this and
    whether you wear a weave or extensions, it is important that your
    natural hair is cared for and not neglected in the process
    I enjoy coming to see Kia because her attitude is positive, she is very
    motivating, and she has a genuine caring and concern for others. The
    overall experience with her is awesome, and she has a longtime customer
    in me.

  2. September 17, 2012 18:14

    Kai Lopes is one of the best stylists in the industry! Boston is lucky to have her.
    -Kimberly Miguel Mullen, Dancer/Choreographer

  3. Tia McPherson permalink
    September 17, 2012 18:37

    Wow! I feel like the words were taken right out of my mouth! Everything is so true, Kai you are such an amazing young lady! We love you and are so proud to have you in our lives! Keep reaching for the stars!

  4. Darcel Lopes permalink
    September 22, 2012 10:04

    Wonderful…and she is! Beautiful, creative, personable, kind, caring, talented and gifted, energized, knowledgeable in and focused on her craft, strong, dedicated and driven…that’s my daughter. She is all of this and so much more. She volunteers time to mentor young teens/young women on the importance of having a healthy body image. She has always been willing to go the extra step to make someone else see their beauty inside and out. Kai has every bit of what is takes to reach endless heights in this business. She is responsible for the many compliments I always receive after a hair appt with her at Avanti. I feel very fortunate to have such a Star as my daughter and my stylist! Sky’s the limit Missy!! Love you always…Mom!

  5. Brittany permalink
    February 10, 2013 14:59

    The service provided by Kai lopes is priceless. I started going to her about 5 years ago when I first started college in Boston.

    My experience with Kai has been so amazing that even after leaving Boston and coming home to New York, I still fly out to Boston for a one day trip every two months to get a relaxer by Kai. She is the only hair stylist I trust. When she does your hair you are getting more than just service. She is someone that will get to know you and ask you what your needs and concerns are about your hair. She will teach you how to properly care for your hair. Kai is very knowledgable, talented, and highly skilled. 

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