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Runway Reality

September 11, 2012

Let’s have a moment of real talk: I have yet to be impressed with the hair the designers at NYFW are sending down the runway.  The vast majority of the styling seems to be long, natural waves that make me feel as if the models ran into the tent with wet hair and let it air dry because they didn’t have time for it to be styled.  The end result in these instances is pretty, but not outstanding and it doesn’t feel right for a runway show.

That being said, there are some designers who are putting in the work but it still just seems to miss the mark.  Vera Wang, bless her heart, sent out models with dreaded beehives (or something).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely open to other definitions of ‘pretty’, but I just didn’t feel as if the styling was on par with the clothes and I can’t drum up enthusiasm for these looks.  The idea was nice, but the execution wasn’t right.  It’s not that the hair this season hasn’t been good, it hasn’t been interesting and more than anything, I want to see interesting styling on the runway.  I want to see shows that challenges my style sensibilities and leaves me intrigued.  I want to see dramatic fashion, darlings, is that too much to ask?

Now, I will say that, to an extent, the Skaist-Taylor presentation did pique my interest with their large-and-in-charge hair, but I still feel a disconnect between the clothes, those boots, and the styling.  But at least it’s styled, if you know what I mean…

Tory Burch fared slightly better.  The teased fishtail braids were interesting, but I didn’t feel they worked with all the the pieces, making many of the looks seem a little forced.  Alas, I just don’t love it.

Regardless, there is plenty more fashion ahead of us (especially with LFW kicking off on Friday) and I’m sure we’ll see some inspiring hair soon.  Fingers crossed…

Anyway, dear reader, is there any runway styling that you’re absolutely loving this NYFW?  If so, let us know!  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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