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Olives & Grace

August 29, 2012

Boston is an intimate city, one where traversing between neighborhoods can be done with great ease and making new friends is a daily occurrence so long as you know where to look.  This sense of community is made all the stronger when new businesses open their doors and infuse our streets with charm and personality, redefine what it means to be Bostonian and send us out the door with a smile.

Our lovely client, Sofi Madison, is doing just this at her new South End brick and mortar, Olives & Grace, a small-town store in a big city.  The store, which is located at 669 Tremont (but the entrance is around the corner at 81 Pembroke), is beautifully curated with a range of goods that have been sourced locally, produced in the United States, and/or handmade by dedicated artisans.  It’s the perfect place to pick up a thoughtful gift or an afternoon treat (the Lemon and Sea Salt popcorn by Quinn Popcorn sounds perfect!) and I encourage all of you to stop in the next time you’re looking for something simple, yet special.

When you do visit, make sure you say hi to Sofi.  She’s absolutely lovely and is easily one of the most inspiring ladies in Boston.  Plus she has gorgeous hair, and you all know how we feel about that… xxx

Olives & Grace is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 8:00 pm.


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