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Inspired By: Azuma Makoto

August 21, 2012

I am completely enamored by the breath-taking work of Azuma Makoto, whose flower sculptures have been described as botanical haute-couture and whose creativity seems to have no bounds.   I find his ability to celebrate, display and manipulate these plants into something otherworldly to be incredibly inspiring.  He isn’t confined by the norms of his industry, and he isn’t afraid to play with texture, color or technology to showcase his work.

Learning about artists like Makoto encourage me to step back and look at our work and our industry- the hair and beauty industry- with fresh new eyes.  It inspires me to play with concepts and techniques that will keep us moving forward (as our name, Avanti, evokes) and allow us to be the best hair designers/sculptors/stylists we can be.

With our relocation to 20 Newbury Street well underway (we’re putting in the finishing touches and should open within the next day or two!), I have decor on the mind and am  dying to know what Makoto’s Tokyo-based flower shop, Jardins des Fleurs, looks like.  If these pictures are any indication, then I think it’s safe to presume that the space is like a stunningly gorgeous laboratory/flower studio hybrid.  Le sigh…

All photos sourced from Azuma Makoto’s blog.
Or, at least I think it’s his blog… does anyone know Japanese?!

(For more photos, take a peek at Park & Cube’s visit to his atelier.)

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