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Less of This, & More of {This}

August 20, 2012

Our favorite gay uncles, Tom and Lorenzo, asked a very serious question today when critiquing Camilla Belle’s recent red carpet appearance in a sweet little Jason Wu cocktail dress.  They asked young women (mid-twenties and younger- but I think it should be asked of all women under the age of 35), “Is the up ‘do just considered old-fashioned now?”  And you know, I see their point.  More and more often, we see young female celebrities walking the red carpet in fabulous clothes that are obstructed by their long, haphazardly styled hair (or, as the guncles call it, cocker spaniel hair).  Instead of looking polished and sophisticated at a red carpet event, they look like they’re in the Dior dressing room trying on dresses for a red carpet event, and more often than not, this end result leaves me a little puzzled.

Regardless, I think if you’re wearing a dress that costs more than the average mortgage payment and your hair is long enough to cover your chest, it’s safe to say that you should consider an updo.  Leave the long, flowing locks for gallery openings and Starbucks runs… Let’s have a peek at Jessica Biel and Camilla Belle for proof:

Two things more:
1. If Jessica Biel had worn a darker shade of lipstick with her hair up in that oh-so-stunning Giambattista Valli dress (top), I would have died of happiness.  That dress is perfection and she looks beautiful in it.
2. If you have somewhere fancy to go and need a great updo, make sure you check out Style Bistro’s updo archive.  It’s good.  I promise. After cruising through all those looks, the only thing you’ll need is a good stylist, and funny enough, we may just know some of those….

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