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Jeff Bridges & His Luxurious Locks

August 16, 2012

It’s Thursday, which means that we give the guys some attention here on the blog.  Now, I will be transparent, I am not a man, but I know enough to know that men are terrified of hair loss.  Which is precisely why it is so enormously unfair that people like Jeff Bridges exist.  I mean, that hair!   Let’s take a look or two or four:

Don’t you just want to run your fingers through it?!  Except in the last photo of course, which I included to help calm any jealousy you may be feeling due to the perfection of Jeff Bridges mane in the previous photos.

At Avanti, we love when our male clients play with their length and ask for a longer groomed look. We celebrate men who embrace the texture and body of their hair and want to enhance it and show it off, and it is for this exact reason that we celebrate Jeff Bridges.  His hair is a beautiful beast and he wears it well.

Fun Fact: on top of having great hair and being an Oscar Award Winning actor, Jeff Bridges is also a talented artist.  No really, check out his website and explore his work- it’s really fun!  AND, he photo documented getting his head shaved for his Iron Man role… He’s so cool.

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