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For the Gents

August 2, 2012

Sometimes I feel as if we’re a little unfair to the gents here on the beauty blog, sometimes I think we accidentally ignore them, so today I want to take a moment to change that.  Especially because right now is a really great time to be a man!  It’s as if we’re in the midst of a style renaissance for men where anything from Urban Dandy to Punk is totally in as long as you do it right.  And you guys, there are a lot of men who are doing it right.  To honor all the men who, like the ever-handsome David Beckham, go out of a sartorial limb, we will be doing a weekly feature on gentlemen style, starting right now…

Above, you will see Mr. David Beckham at the Olympic Opening Ceremony…. Inspiring, indeed!  The cut of the suit, the tie clip and cut-away collar are all working well to center his figure and lead your eye to his charming English face (and how about that facial hair!).  Though it’s nothing revolutionary, I’m quite enamored by this haircut on him.  While it’s a popular look for a lot of style savvy men these days, I think Beckham does an especially good job of dressing it up, and conversely dressing it down, as you see below in the latest issue of Esquire UK.  It’s a dynamic cut and he does an excellent job of playing with it for a number of versatile looks.

Beckham has consistently been a style leader over the years, and I always look to him to keep me on-point with what men will be asking for in the chair.  What do you think of Beckham’s style and who are your favorite gentlemen style stars?  We’d love to know!

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