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Olympic Style

July 27, 2012

The Olympics are live from London today and we are so excited to be cheering on the American athletes who are competing in the games!  Generally speaking, Olympic style often leaves me wanting (there are only so many things one can say about a swim suit, amirite?) but Ralph Lauren has kindly provided us with some fashion fodder, so let’s take a moment to discuss the preppy little numbers the athletes will be wearing at the Opening Ceremony celebration today.

While I’m sure a mass of incredibly fit Olympians will look quite striking in these ensembles, I cannot help but feel that those berets are a little bit, well, unfortunate.  I’m not sure why hats and patriotism seem to go hand-in-hand, but uniform designers love them; these berets in particular make the outfits go from Nantucket to the 1940s real fast, and not in a romantic-nostalgia way.   I also have a gripe with the skirt- it looks sloppy.  Skirts like this look great on precious few (the precious few with fawn-like legs and very thin ankles) and I would prefer a more sleek and fitted skirt to compliment the female athletes’ curves.  Also, I’m not feeling the socks.

That being said, I’m quite confident the athletes will look stoic and wonderful for their Olympic debut.  Their smiles will make us forget those berets and their poise will make our hearts swell with pride as we yell TEAM USA TEAM USA TEAM USA!  Now, let the games begin!

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