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Growing Pains

July 25, 2012

Model Arizona Muse always stood out to me because she’s one of the few models to strut the runway with short hair, but fans will soon have to identify her differently seeing as the 23 year-old is growing out her signature look, which she initially cut three-and-a-half years ago, saying, “It’s time for something new.”

At Avanti, we love a lady who experiments with her hair and while we loved Arizona’s bold, shorter cut, we’re excited to see how she plays with her style in the future.  Those dreaded in-between days can be brutal, but we think Arizona has the style finesse to look effortlessly beautiful throughout the process, just as she advises others to do:

“The thing lots of girls do is they have long hair, cut it short, then decide to grow it out again. Keep playing with it, there are so many styles that you can have with short hair,” she said. “Experiment with it and have fun.” 

Well said, Arizona, well said.

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Photo & quotes via Vogue.

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