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Outtakes, Part 4

July 19, 2012

It’s been far too long since we’ve taken a moment to introduce you to some of our favorite stylists on Newbury Street, so please, let me do the honors…

Brian Nunez:  Dear, darling Brian!   Short cuts, crazy color, layered looks, whatever, he’s going to give you a look that will make you clap your hands with joy!  And then he will clap his hands with joy, too, because making you feel awesome is his top priority!  And then the two of you can hug!  YAY, BEAUTY!  Also, YAY, BRIAN!

John McKenna: Also known as The Mayor of Newbury Street, Mr. McKenna has been behind the chair to some of the most important players in Boston for decades.  He’s a refined gentleman with a kind heart and inquisitive spirit and I adore him completely.  His clients do, too!

Jill Dajci:  Hands down, Jill is the most stylish woman in Boston.  I’ve worked with her for six years and have only seen her repeat an outfit twice.  Totally serious, TWICE!  Half the reason I come to work is just to see what she’s wearing (the other half is because I love my job, obvi) and every day I am in awe of her stylishness.  Believe it or not, she’s as modest as she is lovely and her killer eye allows her to perfectly tailor a look to her client’s coloring and face.  Plus, her clients get the added bonus of learning super secret styling secrets straight from the source…

Kevin Whitford:  A master cutter, Kevin is thoughtful with his shears and cuts with a unique artistry.  He immerses himself in his craft and turns out dynamic cuts that grow out so beautifully that one client complained she didn’t get to see Kevin as often as she would like because her haircuts grow out too perfectly and last too long!  And I think that’s one of the sweetest complaints/compliments a stylist can ever receive!

To meet more of our amazing staff, please see our Outtakes One, Two, and Three!

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