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July 18, 2012

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for No Doubt and their oh-so-glamorous front-woman, Gwen Stefani.  They exude coolness and seem like really awesome, ordinary people who just happen to have killer style and the musical prowess to make it big.  As you may already know, they just dropped a single called Settle Down and I’m quite literally obsessed with the video.  Like, I alone am 15,000 of the 924,621 current views.  Why?  Well, just watch it!

It’s so colorful and fun!  They’re so stylish and carefree!  And Gwen… oh, Gwen!  That arm party, that lipstick!  Those biceps and ponytails!! Not to mention her swoon-tastic pants and matching nail polish.  She is too cool.  They are too cool!  This song is going down in history as my Summer 2012 song and those twisted, doubled-up ponytails are going to be on my head every single day!  What I have always loved about Gwen is that she is just a girl and she generally sticks with styles that are funky and unique but not insane.  She’s accessible, and I like that.  And I’m serious about this look- like, I’m already wearing my hair like this right now…

Of course, the guys look great, too.  I’ve always thought Tony Kanal pulls off bleached hair almost as well as our own bleached blonde, Alex Iacobacci, and I lovelovelove Adrian Young‘s mohawk and eyeliner look.  No, really I do. He looks great!  And Tom Dumont is still doing his Tom Dumont thing, which is cool, too.  THEY ARE ALL SO COOL.

Now, turn this song up loud and have an dance party!  After all, ska dancing is good for the soul…

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