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Summer Scarves

July 9, 2012

I’m sure the last word you want to hear right now is scarf, but lately I’ve been so drawn to beautiful silk scarves (and their millions of uses!) so I couldn’t help but share these  pretty printed scarves by Field Guided (and they’re on sale right now, so hustle over and buy buy buy!).  She took real photos and digitally printed them onto these beauties… I want them all but really love the mountain scene (below left).

Wouldn’t they be the perfect accent to a really colorful summer outfit?  I’d love to wear it as a turban with a colorful dress and black sandals, or as a sarong on the beach! I also stumbled across a really great tutorial at Park & Cube that teaches you how to make silk scarves into breezy summer trousers.  Of course, that would require knowing how to sew, which means I will be wearing lots of scarves as turbans and belts this summer, instead.

Also check out this omgamazing! Hermes popup shop at Harrods London (also via Park & Cube).  Seriously, you can do anything with a scarf, and aren’t the colors stunning?!

How would you wear a summer scarf, dear reader?  Tied in a ponytail, as a purse strap, or maybe as a headband?  The possibilities are [almost] endless and we’d love to know!  xx

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