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A room with a view…

July 6, 2012

Recently, a small group of stylists, assistants, and receptionists made their first journey across Newbury to their future workplace, excitement mounting with every step. Although we had all seen the impressive architectural plans for the new salon, there was still a feeling of nervous anticipation as Alex, our fearless leader, led us up the elevator and unlocked the front door.

The portal to our new hair home!

Upon entering, the sheer size of the space was enough to widen the eyes – never before has the enormity of 1000 extra square feet been more impressively displayed. Although the space was still in the formative stages of construction, we could easily envision the opulent proportions of our future hair home, an especially welcome revelation after a busy Saturday packed almost to the rafters at our current location!

Our future styling area, home of our cutting and blow-drying stations!

Another view of the Styling Area.

Our future Color Area

Another view of the future Color Area.

Although we will always retain a special affection for Avanti’s longtime home at 11 Newbury, we could not have been more pleased by the constantly unfolding potential found within the new space as we continued our tour. A separate desk area, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the salon floor, especially delighted the receptionists. Our stylists marveled at the boldly sized separate coloring and styling areas, the manicurists and aestheticians happily inspected their respective new rooms, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the long-promised separate, fully ventilated room for chemical processes. No more distinctive odor of perm solution wafting through our salon!


The location of our future Reception Desk, tucked away from the salon floor!

Without a doubt, one of our favorite features of the new space is the view. Every window in the front of the salon (and there are many) looks out directly upon the gorgeous stained glass, turrets, and steeples of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. An oasis of calm on this busy street, we look forward to the sound of the organ and choir drifting in with the breeze during the summer months, to catching glimpses of wedding parties assembling for pictures on the front steps, and to admiring the Sunday finery of its members (yes, we’re open on Sundays!). As construction continues upon our 20 Newbury location, we will continue updating this blog with pictures of the progress (and maybe a glimpse of the architectural plans or two!). Until then, we hope you will love the view as much as we do.







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