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Inspired By: Atelier Surrealista

July 5, 2012

Oh, the day after the Fourth of July.  If you’re not on vacation today, we feel you!  If you are on vacation today, then we’re jealous, okay?  We are jealous and you don’t need to rub it in!

So, the other day I was cruising the highways of the internet and stumbled upon this editorial, Atelier Surrealista, from the July ’12 issue of Marie Claire Italy.

In spite of this heat and the equally hot neons everyone seems to be sporting, I fell in love with these photos by Xevi Muntane.  They’re so stoney and cool, so rigid but soft, so fresh.  That and I really love the hair!   It’s sleek, but still maintains texture and depth and I think it’s a great take on simple styling.  I hope you find these photos beautiful, too!

The hats make me think of air hostesses, and oh! what fabulous air hostesses they’d be!  And that mint jacket with the white buttons and collar makes my heart melt with happiness!  Quick, someone who reads Italian, tell me who its by and where I can get it!

One more thing: Dark lips for autumn, yay or nay?  I think they look amazing here on model Katie Fogarty, and I think with the right outfit they just might work in real life, too… thought I’m still not sure what that right outfit would be… a latex black dress by Atsuko Kudo, perhaps?  I don’t know, what are your thoughts?


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