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Dear Katie Holmes

July 2, 2012

Dear Katie Holmes,

Now that you’re single again, do yourself a favor and cut your hair off.  

All our love,
Avanti Salon

No, seriously.  I think Katie Holmes, like Halle Berry, is one of those women who looks quite generic and, well, blasé with long hair but absolutely breathtaking with short hair.  Anything above the shoulder really suits her and works to open her face, illuminate her eyes and accentuate her magnificent bone structure (those cheek bones… I die!).  In fact, I never even thought about Katie Holmes until she cut her hair all those years ago, and then suddenly she was chic, captivating and someone I looked to for style guidance.  Now that I think about it, her short hair transformation reminds me of Sabrina’s Parisian makeover that we blogged about last week in that they both went from being women with poor styling and really amazing bone structure to an all-around super-chic women and I’d love to see Holmes return to that.

Readers, what are your thoughts?  Do you think Katie Holmes (who thankfully kept her last name!) should cut her tresses for a more alluring and sexy short look, or do you like her hair long?  We’d love to know!


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