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Remembering Nora Ephron

June 27, 2012

You guys, I’m really depressed about the passing of Nora Ephron.  She was such a unique and wonderful talent and I’ve enjoyed her work (books, essays, films- everything!) my entire life.  In fact, she wrote and directed the movie that first made me passionate about working with creative small businesses, such as Avanti, who offer their clients a personalized and special experience.  She sparked that fire within my heart and today it’s burning all the brighter!

Seeing as Ephron has always been a huge inspiration to me, today, in tribute to her ability to always make us laugh, I would like to take a look at Meg Ryan’s hair from one of my very favorite movies, When Harry Met Sally.  Throughout the movie, Sally visits many styles- some bad and some terrible.  Which one do you like least? My vote is totally with #4.

Off now to watch You’ve Got Mail, in which Meg Ryan thankfully redeems herself in the hair department.  At the end I’ll weep tears that are happy (because it’s a wonderful happy ending) and sad (for Nora).  Thank you, Nora Ephron, for all the laughs! You will be missed but never forgotten.

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