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Prada’s Dip-Dye Hair Inspiration

June 25, 2012

Remember in the last post when I was falling all over myself at the sight of Emma Stone’s ohmygodamazing suit* for the July issue of Vogue?  Well, I just caught sight of Prada’s Womenswear Fall 2012 ad campaign and I’m totally having a relapse.  THESE SUITS!  They’re everything I want to be wearing for autumn!  I know you’re sitting at your computer right now going, Okay, slow down.  It’s still summer! but these days of barely-there tank tops and shorts make me itch for cooler days when the weather doesn’t dictate exactly what I can (or cannot) wear.  As long as the ice cream truck is stationed outside the Boston Common, I will be daydreaming about AW12!  (I’ll also be soaking up sunshine and working on my tan- I promise I really love summer, too!)

While the prints and proportions of these suits are what make my heart go pitter-patter, I have to say that I’m also really liking Prada’s take on the dip-dyed hair technique.  It looks as if the entire bottom layer of the model’s hair is colored the accent shade in addition to ends, which have an slight ombre/dip-dye hybrid effect.  I think it’s a really striking look and I’d love to see it come to life on some clients.  I imagine it would look amazing braided or in a high pony-tail, too.  In fact, I’ll go prep the hair extensions now while you drool over the pictures… let me know when you’re done and then let’s have some f.u.n!

*In the photo from the last post, Emma Stone is wearing an Aquilano Rimondi jacket and pants, but she wears a Prada suit in the Vogue spread, too!  Too cute, no?

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