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Outtakes, Part 3

June 20, 2012

Today we’re sharing our third installment of outtakes from our staff photo shoot last month.  We had so much fun, in case you couldn’t tell!  Now, onto today’s Makeover-Makers!  Just for the record:  Nancy is not punching Troi in the photo above, but I like that it kind of looks like she is… Ha! 

Nancy Binder:  This lady has a heart of gold– which, coincidentally, is a hue she’s especially adept at creating for her clients (Cinderalla hair, as I like to call it).  Speaking of Disney Princesses, when Nancy’s clients leave the salon, they too feel as if they’ve just been transformed by a Fairy Godmother and are on their way to their very own Happily Ever After.

Troi Young:  This is the man who’s responsible for making me a redhead, and for that I am forever grateful. Literally, he transformed me from an ugly, confused duckling (think pink and purple streaked hair that wasn’t doing me any favours) into a slightly more attractive ducking with a glistening red plume.  His clients don’t call him the Magic Man for nothing and an appointment with him is sure to make heads turn.

Janida Araujo: If you’re in the salon, you can’t miss Janida.  Her penchant for turquoise, her stunning long her and her sky-high heels make this Argentinian lady easy to spot.  Always up for a challenge, Janida has been known to thoughtfully guide her clients through some of the most exciting- and daring!- hair makeovers we’ve ever seen.  Even if you’re not interested in making a big change to your hair, time in Janida’s chair will undoubtedly leave a smile on your face- and, as you all know, a smile is the best makeover of all!

Betty Wong-Ho:  How she does it all, no one will ever know, but Betty is the person who makes everything at Avanti come together.  As the salon gets ready to transition to 20 Newbury in August, Betty will stand at the helm and make sure our makeover is just as beautiful as your own!

To meet more of our fabulous staff, click over to our first and second Outtakes post!   And don’t forget, you only have 10 days to enter to win a fabulous makeover with our Beauty Squad, so be sure to submit your photos and reasons for entering to ASAP!  (more info here.)

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