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Beauty Doctor: Lena Dunham

June 19, 2012

I admit it, I totally gave into the hype and watched the first season of HBO’s Girls.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it’s about four women in their early twenties who are meandering through their young lives and searching for meaning, direction, and jobs in Brooklyn.  It paints a pretty accurate picture of the ennui that so many post-graduates are feeling in our current economic climate and the show has been lauded as the Sex and the City of the modern generation- but instead of cosmos they’re drinking PBR out of cans.

There’s no doubt that the show’s creator and writer, Lena Dunham, is an exceptional talent.  She can turn a phrase like no other and I’m constantly amused by the subtleties in her writing and acting that are both comedic and heartbreaking, which is actually exactly how I describe her style, too.  While I understand that a part of Lena’s charm is her reckless abandon for physical boundaries in her work (she’s constantly seen in various states of undress) and though I love her for promoting ideals of a healthy body image, I’m still totally dreaming of giving this girl a makeover*!

I mean, that hair!  It’s tragic.  If you watch the show, you’ll notice how Lena’s character, Hannah, lacks any sense of style (like she proudly states in the season finale, “My shoes match my dress, kind of.”) which is why she needs someone like me to take her aside, throw some subtle highlights in that hair, give her a super-shine gloss and a haircut that will give her a little more body and allow her curls to become more of an asset.  If she’s feeling up to it, I’d even suggest some extensions to give her some added volume.  She could also do with a makeup tutorial, or two, too.

Why am I picking on poor Lena, you ask?  Well, because she has the potential to look really sweet when she’s wearing clothes that fit her and she’s styled correctly.  For proof, check out this photo from NY Magazine and judge for yourself. I especially love the crown.

*Enter to win a hair & makeup makeover from Avanti!  All submissions must be in by June 30, so hurry up!

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