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Hello, Doll Face

June 14, 2012

I read somewhere that the average woman hasn’t changed her make-up routine since high school, and though I initially refuted this claim, I realized whilst pawing through my own makeup bag that for me this is tragically true.  Even if [some of] the products change, my application methods, penchant for light powers and favorite eye pallets have stubbornly stayed the same.  Generally I’m an adventurous person, so why do I stay within my tired wheelhouse when it comes to makeup application?

At first I thought it was a lack of time, but then I thought about my favorite model, Coco Rocha, who claims that she’s learned how to expertly apply her own makeup by watching makeup artists work on shoots, and I realized I simply need to see how it’s done in order to have the inspiration and confidence to try new looks.  Working in the beauty and fashion industry, I’m always so amazed by the power of makeup and how a few well-intended strokes can magically transform a face, but I’ve never had the chance to sit down and watch the methods our Avanti makeup artists apply as they create makeup magic.  As a visual learner, I was over the moon when I found Lisa Eldridge’s makeup blog, my new go-to for makeup how-tos and inspiration.

Like Coco, you and I can now learn the secrets to making ourselves look baby-doll perfect.  Not only is Lisa an amazing makeup artist (she did Kate Winslet’s stunning RC look for the premier of Titanic 3D- and here’s the tutorial) she also understands that sharing is caring and has tutorials for almost any look a girl could wish to achieve.   Best of all, she has a cute British accent and, much like Mary Poppins, her instructions are as simple as do-re-mi… My favorite tutorials include The Natural Shimmery Summer Glow and the Long Lasting Night Out Look which are both perfect for summer.

Watch, learn and look gorgeous! 

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