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No Such Thing as Too Many Rainbows

June 9, 2012

Being on Newbury Street, we’re just one block away from all the excitement of the Gay Pride Parade, and every year our staff peers out the windows and tries to catch a glimpse of the fun.  On our lunch breaks, we stroll over to join the crowd as they cheer on the floats- each one more fabulous than the last.  Pride Week is an important part of our Boston heritage and every year I’m encouraged to see the events calendar full of block parties, flag raisings, and fun contests that allow the LGBT community to share their message, their joy, and their spirit with others.  Seeing the way the city embraces this celebratory week makes me proud to be a Bostonian.

As unusual, Avanti is open for business today.  While we run the Beauty Factory we’ll miss the exciting moments of the parade but we’re so looking forward to seeing pictures of the festivities on Facebook and Instagram.  And as soon as we pack up our scissors, you can bet we’ll be out there celebrating, hot-pink cocktail in hand!

Much love to everyone and have a wonderful weekend!  HAPPY PRIDE!

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  1. June 11, 2012 23:50

    Whew!!! that is good to know. Events flowing out in your schedule notepad is always good news to me. It only shows what good services you bring and how people appreciated you.

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