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Outtakes, Part 2

June 6, 2012

There’s a reason I always sit in the theater and wait until the credits stop rolling to get up, throw away my popcorn and leave, and it’s because I’m always hoping to see some outtakes!  So without further ado, here are four more outtakes from our Avanti picture day a few weeks ago, and some more things about my favorite stylists on Newbury Street!

John DionNot only is he an incredibly skilled stylist, John is an absolute pleasure to talk to.  I love his curiosity, his subtle humor, and his conversation just as much as I like his haircuts and colors… which is a lot!

Louise Chobanian: Like a daisy, Louise is bright and cheerful.  There’s always a bounce in her step and a smile on her face (which in turn puts a smile on my face).  She’s effortlessly stylish and knows just how to give a client a look they will love, and that, my friends, is better than any bouquet.

Christine RileyI like to imagine that in a past life, Christine was Mary Poppins.  Why?  Because she’s matter-of-fact, knows what’s good for you, and her work seems to possess a magical quality that makes her clients ooh and ahh.

Kai Lopes:  The minute I laid eyes on Kai I knew I was going to adore her.  She has a beautiful smile, a big heart, and an enormous talent for doing hair.  Spending time with her is restorative and relaxing and an appointment with her is good for your head as well as your soul.

Xox and don’t forget to check out our first installment of outtakes, here!


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