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Things We Love: Living Proof!

June 1, 2012


Here in the salon, we constantly keep our eyes open for the best products available to help you, our dear clients, solve your hair-care dilemmas when outside our walls. As such, we have been truly excited to see the beautiful finishing work our stylists have created using our new Living Proof line. Created by some of the most advanced biotechnilogical minds in the industry (locally based in Cambridge), this brand utilizes an intricately scientific approach to formula in order to create some pretty staggering results. Here are a few choice details about these products:

  1. All the products are safe for color treated and chemically processed hair
  2. All the products are silicone, sodium, and paraben free
  3. The products are currently available in 4 lines  (No-Frizz, Full, Straight, and Hold) designed to address specific styling needs


While it’s all well and good to simply say our new Living Proof products work, our team decided to take things a step further and offer visual proof. With the greatest of trust, we assigned Brian and Laura, some of Avanti’s brightest young stars and genuine finishing work whizzes, two beautiful models with distinctively challenging hair types.


First we have Julia, a stylist extraordinaire in her own right. Although Julia’s personality is a vibrant as bouncy as you could ever desire, her hair unfortunately doesn’t possess the same natural energy. Baby fine and stick straight, it requires some serious styling knowhow to gain lift and movement.


Laura took on the task with her usual flare, incorporating various Living Proof products as she worked her magic. After a thorough wash with Full Shampoo and Conditioner, Laura layered the Full Thickening Cream with the No-Frizz Styling Cream to create a smooth, shiny look with lots of extra volume. To add a final level of oomph, she pin curled Julia’s hair after finishing the blow-dry, completely obliterating all memories of the formerly limp locks.  A final application of the Straight Hairspray sent Julia out ready to combat this recent humid weather!

We were truly fortunate to have Naomi  join us for these blow-dry sessions. In addition to being one of the most stunning moms-to-be we have ever seen, Naomi possesses an unruly mop of curls that could cause some serious anxiety for a less experienced stylist.


Not so for our Brian, who calmly assessed the best manner in which to tame her somewhat wild tresses. After a wash with the No-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, the No-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner was applied to provide even greater hydration to the hair shafts. Brian then utilized a generous amount of the No-Frizz Styling Cream (unlike most products, you almost can’t use too much of this stuff) during the blow-dry, achieving a sleek, polished look without once even touching a flatiron. As any lady who regularly handles such styling tools can tell you, this was no small accomplishment! A last touch of the Straight Hairspray kept the frizz under control as Naomi and Julia stepped out onto Newbury Street together to show off their hair makeovers.



Now, we know you must think that such dramatic results must only be possible after a visit to the salon. However, we at Avanti strive to send our clients out the door with the means of reproducing the head-turning looks that you deserve each and every day. To further this goal, we would like to offer a new special for the month of June: Living Proof Blow-dry Lessons. Come in for a styling session with a member of our team* and receive a personalized educational session in which we teach you the ins and outs of this new product line, discovering the unique ways it can be utilized for your specific hair type. And because we want you well stocked with these new tools, we’ll even offer a 20% discount off all the full-price Living Proof products you bring to the desk following your appointment. Consider it our way of thanking you, our dear clients, for taking the time to truly take steps towards a greater awareness of your hair’s potential. Remember, we want our clients looking fabulous all the time, even right up until it’s time for another visit to their hair home.  With a combination of patience, some one-on-one time with your favorite Avanti stylist, and the right products and tools, you too can create polished, salon-quality looks from the comfort of your own home, no matter how uncooperative your mane may be!

*prices vary depending upon which stylist you see, please inquire when booking your appointment.

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  1. Nancy Binder permalink
    June 1, 2012 11:34

    I believe there is wash and wear hair styles that can fit a persons lifestyle…You have to know what it is you are looking for….If your lifestyle requires low maintenance hair, this should be brought up at the consultation with your stylist.The style you choose should be within your ability to maintain a ‘look’.Its always wonderful to be able to re-create the salon style you left home. If you are willing to do some styling at home than you have more versitilaty with your haircut,which is always a plus! ❤ Nancy Binder Avanti Stylist ,25 yrs in the buisness…and counting….

    • June 1, 2012 12:06

      Excellent point, Nancy! It’s all about managing expectations. If a client is a-ok with a low-maintenance and less-than-perfect style on a day-to-day basis, AWESOME! But if a client believes a haircut will solve all their hair woes, it is the stylist’s job to realistically communicate with them about the necessity of maintaining their cut for the style they’re hoping to achieve.

      Thanks for commenting!


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