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Style Inspiration: Tilda Swinton for Candy Magazine

May 21, 2012

When I saw these fabfabfab pictures of my human-form spirit animal*, Tilda Swinton, I couldn’t help but let out an excited eeeeeeeeek! and then click them to enlarge.  When it comes to being dedicated to a look, Tilda nails it- every. single. time.  Wondering why you’ve heard of Candy Magazine before?  Well, it’s the first “Transversal Style Magazine” and it got a lot of press a while back when Terry Richardson shot cover model James Franco in drag.

Hit it, Tilda:

Tilda Swinton covers the 4th issue of Candy Magazine, The Extra Extravagance Issue, photographed by Xevi Muntane and styled by Jerry Stafford. Hair: Odile Gilbert at L’atelier. Make Up: Lloyd Simmonds at Agence Carole. Tilda Swinton wears an Antony Price gold plissé lamé couture ‘Rolls Royce’ dress created especially for this issue.
via Tom and Lorenzo

Tilda is one of those rare women who can pull off just about any hair cut and color.  Long, short, brunette, blonde, whatever! – she is able to rock anything and it is her impeccable style flexibility that makes her a true style icon.  I can’t wait to see her in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom this weekend and I hope these photos brightened up your Monday.  XOX

*My spirit animal is a fox.  Think about it, Tilda Swinton is the human version of a fox.  Google it for proof.


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