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Mad Men Set & Style

May 14, 2012

Without fail, I wake up every Monday morning with a keen desire to get a roller set.  Why Monday?  Because Mad Men is on Sunday nights and everyone looks so wonderful with their perfectly coiffed sets and penciled on eyebrows.  From Peggy’s perfect flip to Megan’s modern bob and Joan’s stunning updos, I finish watching each episode lusting for the styles of yore.

While rollers are still a great tool for long-lasting styles, the modern day roller set (which is a lot less structured than the Mad Men styles you see above) actually lacks one key element- the rollers.  Instead of securing a number of rollers to your head and feeling like your grandmother, all you need are a couple pin-curl clips, a blowdryer and a round brush.

Before you start the set, I recommend using a thickening product such as Oribe Volumista or Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse.  After applying product, begin by  drying your hair with a round brush in small sections, curling your hair as your go.  When you finish each section, take your hair and wrap it around two fingers, coiling it around and around until you reach the root, at which point you simply have to pin the curl to your head.  Leave your hair pinned for seven or eight minutes to make sure it is completely dry and cool before taking it down.  Once you take it down, run your fingers through your hair until the curls are arranged nicely and finish with a misting of hair spray (I love the Oribe Superfine– which now also comes in a purse size for easy touch-ups- or Oribe Superfine Strong).

Of course, the tried- and- true method also works and, as one of my dearest friends can attest to, there’s nothing like grandmother’s wire rollers and a day of patience to get the most wonderful roller set in town.

For those of you who aren’t as DIY inclined, I can say with 100% certainty that our Avanti team would love nothing more than to wash and set your hair, giving you long-lasting Mad Men style. 

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  1. RRG permalink
    June 21, 2012 19:37

    I love roller sets: they allow my naturally tightly curled hair to have big, bouncy curls without the heat damage of a blow out. Do you do this at the salon? If so, I’d love to have a visit!

    • June 22, 2012 08:39

      YES YES YES, we absolutely offer roller sets at the salon! We do them a couple different ways- we can do rollers and put you under a dryer to set, we can use hot rollers, or we can can do a blowout and set where we will pin your hair and allow it to set as we’re drying it. All of them offer fabulous results and resilient, beautiful curls. I’d recommend seeing Laura or Julia, but if you call the front desk, they’ll be able to evaluate what you want/need and who will be the best fit for you.

      We’d love to have you in the salon, so please don’t hesitate to call (617.267.4027). 🙂

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