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Celebrity Hair for Mere Mortals

May 11, 2012

Hi friends, Kate here!  Many thanks to Tony for yesterday’s beautiful post!  Jolly old England is just that, jolly and old, and I’m thrilled to be working as Avanti Salon’s first ever Foreign Correspondent.  Now, onwards and upwards and let’s get to today’s post!

In our next installment continuing the 11 Things your Hairdresser Really Wants You to Know, we will be addressing the very sad reality that your hair will never look like Jennifer Aniston’s hair unless you are, in fact, Jennifer Aniston (in which case, if you’re reading this Jen, we want you to know that we love you).

Please understand, dear client, that it isn’t your fault, it’s just the simple fact that celebrities have teams of people who maintain their style on a very regular basis and often times their hair is- to put it gently- not all their hair.   However, there are a number of things you can do to give your hair a celebrity finish without having to hire one of us to follow you around with a can of hairspray and a comb all the time.  To get celebrity hair without becoming a celebrity, we recommend the following:

  • Indulge in hair masques and conditioning treatments on a regular basis.  From root to end, make sure your hair is moisturized, strong and healthy.  Masques and conditioning treatments (which can be done in the salon or at home) will mend broken ends, smooth fly-aways, and allow your hair to look and feel amazing.
  • Get extensions.  Celebrity stylists are magicians and mastered the art of optical illusion decades ago.  Back combing, hair spray, wigs and bumpits have all played a role in making celebrity hair look va-va-voom for the public, but more often than not when you see a celebrity with a full head of luxurious hair, they also have some very well-placed extensions giving them some extra volume.  It is for this reason that we suggest extensions to our clients who want extra-fullness.  Whether you want them for your everyday life or a special occasion, there are a myriad of ways to use extensions to make your look extra-fabulous.
  • Invest in good products and tools… and actually use them. The closest most of us mere mortals come to looking celebrity styled is right after we leave the salon.  That’s because, like a celebrity, you just got your hair done by a highly trained professional with high quality tools and products.  Trust us, when we recommend products to you, it is because you require them to keep your hair healthy and in place.  From shampoo to spray gloss, we are happy to recommend products to keep you beautifully coiffed every single day.  The only catch is that you actually have to use them, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to do that, too!

I especially loved Coco Rocha‘s fun pink extensions at the Met Gala last week! 
Extensions are a great way to experiment with daring colors and non-committal ombre looks.

The best advice when it comes to getting that celebrity look is to keep a healthy perspective about your hair and their hair.  Yes, Jennifer Aniston has beautiful hair, but she’s clearly been taking care of it for years (need proof?  Watch re-runs of Friends).  Like us, celebrities have to gradually make changes to their color, cut, and style to get it to a place where it is healthy and HD movie-making ready.  Also keep in mind that when they’re grocery shopping and taking their dogs for walks, most of the rich and famous have their hair in top-knots and ponytails, so don’t hold yourself to their red-carpet standards all the time.  Just sometimes.



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