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Bon Voyage, Kate!

May 10, 2012

Spring flirts with us here in New England, briefly displaying her giddy effusion before coyly hiding behind a seemingly impenetrable mantle of sodden gray. As we bid adieu to these last vestiges of winter, another important transition has occurred in the midst of our lives at Avanti. Kate Sims, a beloved member of our team, boarded a flight this evening to begin her new life in the UK.

After six years behind the desk at our salon, Kate has become almost synonymous with the Avanti experience. Her warmth, generosity of spirit, and genuine care for every single client that walks through our door have set a standard in the arena of customer service that we shall strive to maintain in her absence. Fear not, however, that Kate’s association with Avanti has entirely ended. She will continue to make regular contributions to this blog, sharing her invaluable insights in the realm of beauty. For a more detailed account of her life in the UK, please visit her personal blog, and keep your eye out for an already eagerly awaited visit once we have made our move to 20 Newbury.

Recently, the question of how this salon will function without our dear Kate has been posed with great regularity. While only time can answer such a query, one thing is certain: Avanti has become a more beautiful place in innumerable ways thanks to her influence. And while we look forward to working with her from abroad, we humbly acknowledge the enormity of living up to so impeccable a fashion sense.

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  1. lover3 permalink
    May 10, 2012 09:51

    i love you Kate!! And I love you Avanti!!!!

  2. Kathleen permalink
    May 10, 2012 12:10

    A wonderful tribute! I don’t really know Kate but know how fond everyone at Avanti is of her, including my daughter Julia who taked of her often.

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