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Visual Aids

May 2, 2012

I recently read an interesting article on The Frisky called 11 Things Your Hairdresser Really Wants You To Know and I wanted to take a couple points and explore them here on the blog.  You see, being a stylist is terrific- we get to dress stylishly, meet interesting new people, and make those interesting people our clients and our friends.  It’s also a profession that is hinged on communication- one where the stylist and the client are both asked to communicate what they want and how they envision the end result.  More often than not, a detailed verbal description of what a client wants, complete with some hand motions and hair flipping, allows for a wonderful new look that leaves everyone smiling, but sometimes our words don’t properly communicate what we’re trying to say.  To deter this from happening, we always encourage clients to show us pictures of what they want.

I cannot urge you enough, dear reader, to bring pictures to your next appointment– especially if you’re seeing a new stylist for the first time, if you’re getting an updo, or if you’re itching to make a major change with your cut or color.  We’ve had clients draw pictures on cocktail napkins, email us links to their Pinterest hair boards, and simply bring in photos they’ve torn out of magazines.  No matter your picture-sharing method, we love seeing what you want because it helps us ensure that we’re going to give you a look you love.

Here’s an example of a client doing just this: L.A.-based Heather Taylor of LA in Bloom (a really amazing lifestyle blog) recently made a big change and cut her signature wavy, long hair into a summery cropped bob with lots of natural movement.  To communicate what she wanted, she brought photos from a February, 2011 Vogue spread and told her stylist what elements of the haircut got her fired up.  Jump over to her post abut making the chop to see the stunning end result and more of her inspiration photos. Meanwhile, here’s my favorite of her inspiration looks.

The Frisky article also touches on an important point when it comes to bringing in photos, and that is to choose inspiration shots with models who have hair that is similar in thickness and texture to your own.  Note how Taylor chose to draw inspiration from a model who has hair that is similar to hers-  it’s wavy with lots of natural volume.  If you have naturally thin hair, bringing a photo of Kim Kardashian is not advised, but bringing a photo of someone like Victoria Beckham may be more helpful.

It’s also good to note that you can draw inspiration from a number of different looks.  Perhaps you like a long cut from one photo, the bangs from another, and a color from yet another.  No problem!  We love seeing what looks you love and we’re excited to give you a fabulous look that makes you say ‘WOW‘ every single time you look in the mirror.


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