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Gentlemen Styling

October 20, 2011

When it comes to styling, a lot of men underestimate the importance of good hair maintenance.  A winning look from the neck down can be a lot less attractive if the hair is all wrong.  The entire package is important, from hair to toe, and when it comes to styling for any gentleman, three things must be considered:
1. Find a cut that suits your style and face.  Too often, men choose a cut that they see other men with, regardless of how it suits their overall look (remember that horrifying frosted tip gelled sensation from the days when 98 Degrees were kinda more famous than they are now?).
2. Use a product that compliments your hair type, gives you adequate control, and still remains touchable.  I cringe every time I see porcupine-gelled hair!  Instead of heavy gels, I tend to recommend touchable styling waxes and pomades for our male clients, such as Bumble and Bumble Sumotech, Rene Furterer Styling Wax, or Oribe Creme for Style.
3. Maintenance is key!  Between cut appointments, we urge our male clients to stop in for regular neck and sideburn trims so they can keep their look sharp and clean.

A couple weeks ago (my goodness, time is flying!) we had the great fortune to style the Jeff Lahens show for Boston Fashion Week.  Jeff’s line was partly his own, and partly in collaboration with Bobby From Boston, Uniform, and Drinkwater’s.  Believe it or not, we spent just as much time styling those men as we did the women for the Avni show– and boy did they look handsome when they walked that runway (mostly thanks to Jeff’s great styling, but partly thanks to us, too).  Proof:

Photography by Photohogger

Photography by Photohogger


Photography by Photohogger

Photography by Photohogger

Photography by Photohogger

Photography by Photohogger

Photography by Photohogger

Things I loved:
1. Jeff’s use of props- the gun, the umbrella, that hat! (Photos 5, 1 & 3)
2. No Shoes. (Photos 4 & 7)
3. The relaxed, comfortable styling.  All these guys look like they’re having a really good time- and trust us, they were!

A major thank you to BFW and Jeff Lahens for allowing us to showcase our work, to Photohogger for letting us share it, and the models for looking so gosh darn handsome!


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