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Love a Lady in a Bow Tie

August 12, 2011

Not to be a buzzkill, but I’m starting to get the itch to break out my autumn wardrobe.  I’m lusting after the layers, scarves, boots and tights that come with the change of seasons.  Summer is lovely, of course, but I’m growing tired of my go-to summer pieces (which are all about maximum comfort and staying cool) and am looking forward to ornate autumnal dressing.  I didn’t realize just how excited I am for this impending transition until this morning, when I saw this picture of Diane Kruger (who does no wrong in my book) wearing a bow tie.

Diane Kruger in a Bowtie (Photo via HuffingtonPost)

I love the navy and black, and the button-up shirt (in autumn, you can button your shirts all the way up!), and, as always, I love a lady in a bow tie!  And let’s take a moment to talk about her hair- it’s so whimsical and sweet, knotted in a dreamy bun that dresses the outfit down perfectly (plus she’s wearing shorts, which makes the colors and cut of the top more casual and sporty as well.  More photos here.).  In the spirit of the upcoming scholastic year, I give Diane an A+ and look forward to incorporating my own bow ties into transitional-weather outfits sometime soonish! (But perhaps not too soonish…)

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