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August 8, 2011

If you’re a regular at Avanti, then you know that we’re always changing things up- moving chairs, switching shelves, or redecorating with new art.  In Italian, Avanti means to move forward, and we like to keep this call to action at the forefront of our minds in all that we do- whether we’re picking out new coat hangers or contemplating your next haircut.

As we progress forward, it’s always important to stay inspired.  And I don’t just mean to keep our eyes open and look at the city and nature around us, but to actively seek out people and places that make us want to be better.  To challenge ourselves aesthetically, I like to look at other salons that have a unique decor and perspective to inspire our next decor steps forward.

For instance, take the super modern salon, Xantippe Hairdressers, in Brugge, Belgium.  I love the simplicity of the design- the black and white work area (much like our former decor aesthetic, before we added the green last summer) and the gold reception and waiting room.  I especially love the black chandelier and skylights and the clean white floor.

Xantippe Hairdressers

Xantippe Hairdressers(Photos via Frame Magazine)

I can’t say for certain what or when our next redesign will be, but I do know that we are constantly looking for ways to grow and change, and our eyes are always peeled.

Happy Monday!

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