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Summer Love

July 21, 2011

Tomorrow we start our Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk.  Tomorrow, it’s going to be 99 degrees with a heat index well into the hundreds.  Man oh man, I hope we last through the weekend!

But instead of stressing about how we’re going to stay hydrated, let’s focus our thoughts on some stuff that we’re totally loving right now, starting with the entire Rene Furterer Sun line.

When you’re an unnatural redhead, such as myself, you have to take extra measures to protect your hair against fading (this is true for everyone who colors their hair, but is especially true of redheads because red fades the fastest).  To protect my hair against sun damage, I diligently use a number of products from the Rene Furterer Sun Care Line.  With just a couple spritzes, my hair is UV protected against color fading and while hydrating from my roots to my ends.  These days, I don’t go anywhere without it!

Avanti Salon, Rene Furterer Sun Care

Gazpacho.  There is nothing better than a fresh, cold bowl of gazpacho on a summer evening.  Drizzle a little chili oil on top, and you have a delicious and refreshing meal packed with nutrients. (The secret to great gazpacho? Avocado and cucumber. Seriously, try it.)

Fresh Flowers.  They’re everywhere right now, so be sure you take a moment to stop and enjoy them! And if you haven’t walked through the Boston Public Garden recently, do yourself a big favor and stroll on through.  They really outdid themselves this year!


Have a great weekend, dear reader!  We’ll look forward to catching up with you next Monday- here’s to hoping we make it through the weekend!


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