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Color For a Day

July 14, 2011

Ever feel the urge to color your hair something extreme?  Do you wish that- just for a day (or two or three or four) you could have turquoise, pink, orange, green, yellow (etc.- you get the idea) hair?  Well, now you can!

I just stumbled upon this video on Christen Mitchell‘s blog, and I’m completely obsessed!  Pigmented powder (or something as simple as eye shadow) is worked through  your hair to give it amazing texture and stunning color.  And the best part is that it washes out in the shower!  Why hadn’t I heard (or thought) of this sooner?!  It would have saved my mother so much grief!

I know this would definitely work for blondes, but I want to know the success rates for any of you brunettes and redheads out there!  Leave us a comment or shoot us an email ( if you try it!

This is making me want to bleach a big blonde streak in my bangs so I can change a piece of my color every day!  The possibilities are infinite and the styles will be oh so fierce!

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  1. Robin permalink
    July 14, 2011 23:44

    Wouldn’t this sort of colorant come off all over clothing, pillowcases, etc.?

    • July 14, 2011 23:56

      Yes, it would. People who choose to do this will definitely have to be thoughtful about the residue, but if you’re willing to risk it (I suggest not wearing white- or any light colors that will come in contact with your colored hair) I think the beauty and style will outweigh the risk of color deposits. If you’re concerned about your pillowcase, simply throw an old t-shirt over your pillow so you don’t ruin your nice shams/cases, or shampoo the color out before going to bed.

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