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June 30, 2011

To everyone who came out for the party last night, THANK YOU!  We had a terrific time chatting with old and new friends, raising money for a great cause, and enjoying a beautiful summer evening.  I was too caught up with logistics and schmoozing to take pictures, which I sadly realized as we started our goodbyes, but the memories will stay vivid in my mind for a long long time.

Thank you to special guests Cathryn Griffith (my signed copy of Havana Revisited looks great on my coffee table!), The Kitchen Sink Bag (can’t wait for my new necklace!), and Dava of Matsu (there was an epic battle over the green teardrop necklace by Nymph, and for a minute the silent auction wasn’t very silent…) for supporting us and sharing the beauty they create with us.  We’re so blessed to have you (and you, dear reader) in our lives, and we’re thrilled to be a part of yours, too!

For anyone who is still interested in donating to our walk, please know that we will be accepting donations through to the first day of the walk on July 22nd.  You can donate in the salon, or online.

Again, THANK YOU!  It was a splendid evening and it wouldn’t have been the same without the love and support of our clients and friends.  XOXOXOXO!

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