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The Art of the Updo: Bridal Styling

June 20, 2011

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, bridesmaid, or simply just a spectator, deciding on the proper hairstyle for a wedding is incredibly important!  One must always consider the dress, the venue (is it outdoors?  If so, what happens if it’s humid, rainy, or windy?), the season and the bride’s inspiration before settling on a final look.  When it comes to creating that perfect look, we know just the people who can help you…

This year, we all watched as Kate Middleton majorly influenced the world of bridal styling by opting for a chic half-up style for her royal wedding, rather than a typical chignon or updo.  Since the royal nuptials, we’ve seen a number of our summer brides asking for similar looks with loose curls and the pieces around the face elegantly pinned back. While we love the Middleton look, we’re still big fans of a modern, sophisticated updo, and love working with our brides to find a style that will perfectly suit them.

Our very own Priscilla Collins, who specializes in styling brides and wedding parties for the big day, works closely with her clients from the first trial, through to the rehearsal dinner and wedding day to ensure that they are picture-perfect from root to end.  She will recommend a hair color and style that will best compliment the bouquet and dress, photograph beautifully, and transition well from the alter to the reception.

On Saturday, Priscilla had a new client** come visit us for a trial, and we’re thrilled to be working with her to make her big day as beautiful as possible!  All of us loved the updo the two of them decided upon, and we can’t wait to be a part of her stunning wedding day!

Enjoy this beautiful Monday- we sure are!  XoXo!

**So as not to ruin any surprises, we have opted to keep the bride’s identity a mystery, but thank her ever so much for allowing us to share her look with you!

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