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From Good to Great: A Makeover Story

April 15, 2011

Many of our new clients come to us with hair that’s just fine– it’s not a total disaster, but it’s nothing special, either.  These new clients seek us out to take their hair to the next level and they come to us with good hair when they want it to be great!

Meet Meredith.  She’s a lovely young woman from New Jersey with a wedding on the horizon and a head of thick, heavy brown hair.  Though her hair wasn’t super horrible, Meredith felt that it just hung there, and confessed that styling it had become a major challenge.  Additionally, she was unhappy with the red undertones in the color, and said she was lusting after a rich chocolaty color with a lot of depth.

Our stylist Troi Young knew just what to do with Meredith when he saw her.  He suggested she take a lot of the weight- and length- off to create even layers that would add volume and movement while framing her face.  For the color, he suggested a brown with lots of gold tones to cancel out the harsh red from before, and to better compliment her skin tone.

In the end, Meredith loved her new cut and color (how could she not?!).  Her hair is silky, super conditioned, and the color is rich and multidimensional.  She even went so far as to text us the next day saying that she loves her new, short little ponytail.  Well, Meredith, WE LOVE YOU!  And thank you for letting us share your hair story!
Also, a big thank you to Troi for doing such an awesome job!

Happy Weekend, xox!

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