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We Have Fabulous Friends

April 5, 2011

One of the things I love most about working in a salon, is being able to meet an enormous range of amazingly talented people every single day (and I’m not just talking about our staff!).  Our clients are doctors, philosophers, flower arrangers and race car drivers (to name a few).  And one of our clients is a bag designer.

Meet H.T.M. Grant, founder  of The Kitchen Sink Bag.  Maybe you saw her in Stuff Magazine’s latest issue (Boston’s Sexiest!) or have seen her bags on the arms of some of the chicest women in the city.  Either way, get used to seeing her (and her bags & accessories), because before you know it, she’ll be everywhere!

Made out of materials one would normally find in a hardware store rather than a high-end boutique, Grant’s designs are simultaneously inventive, futuristic and whimsical.  We love how her artistry challenges us to take a closer look at the materials around us, and rethink how we define elegance, style, and purpose.

Right now, I’m super lusting after the Mattea Clutch as well as her Tassel Lanyards, which I want to wear around my neck, waist, wrists and even (on saucy nights), woven through my hair like a crown!
The Mini-Mattea clutch will be so perfect for summer- don’t you think?!

We’re so excited to see Grant get the attention she deserves for her craftswomanship, and we’re thrilled to call her one of our own!

Hair by Janida Araujo
Photos courtesy of Stuff Magazine via H.T.M. Grant
(And that great side-swept updo on The Kitchen Sink Bag website was done by our very own Priscilla Collins. Isn’t it beautiful?!)

Don’t forget to check back regularly for news about The Kitchen Sink Bag and Avanti joining forces… because who knows, it just might happen!  XOX!

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