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In Love With My Hair

March 29, 2011

Even though I work in a hair salon, I still get nervous about getting my hair done because, like you, I want my cut and color to look perfect! Luckily, at Avanti, we totally get this, and we pride ourselves on welcoming our clients into an inviting and trusting environment where they know they’ll walk out our door with a stunning new look.

Although I’m particular about my locks (short as they are), I love experimenting with new cuts and colors when I find a stylist I connect with and trust (and at Avanti, there are so many terrific stylists to choose from!).  My stylist, Troi Young, nailed my personal style when he said, “One day Kate wants to dress up like Elizabeth Taylor and the next she comes in here looking like she’s about to walk a Jean Paul Gaultier runway show.”

Essentially, Troi understands that I need a look that can be conservative one day and edgy the next, so when I sat in his chair, I told him that I trusted him to do something fabulous, and asked him to surprise me with a versatile new look.  And I have to say, I am absolutely in love with my saucy red hair!  In fact, I love it so much, I decided to stage a DIY photo shoot at home:

I especially love love love the color!  So gorgeous!  And you should see it in sunlight- it’s stunning!  THANKS TROI!*

Hair: Troi Young
Product: Rene Furterer Glossing Spray, Modeling Paste, & Vegetal Finishing Spray
Whiskey: Jameson

*I’m not the first person to publicly rave about Troi’s dexterity with scissors and hair color- for more, check out this lovely post by his client, Kim, who calls Troi her Magic Man! Lovelovelove it!  XoX!

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  1. Megan permalink
    March 30, 2011 08:34

    Your hair is unbelievable, and yes, Troi is amazing! I am constantly impressed by the quality of his work. Ummmmm, can I just say I am jealous! So off subject I know….but you perfect lips!!!!!! The self photo shoot shows that!!

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