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A San Francisco Color Story

March 16, 2011

I just came back from a mini vacation to San Francisco where time seemed to momentarily come to a stand still.  What they say is true, and life is slower, and calmer, on the west coast.  Though I was only there for a handful of days, I felt as if my skin, hair, and soul were all rejuvenated, and I’ve come back feeling a little more centered and a lot more energetic!  I wanted to share some of the images from the trip that focus on color (orange is everywhere), sunshine & glamour.

A San Francisco Color Story
1. Blossoming trees in Union Square.
2. A late morning cappuccino & sandwich at SFMOMA.
3. One of the many glamours fixtures at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room, which offers an amazing view of the city.  (I never pass up a stunning view!)
4. The bar at the Clift Hotel.  It was like a library of alcohol.
5. Miranda July’s LTLYM assignments.  My favorites: #33. Braid someone’s hair. #9. Draw a constellation from someone’s freckles.  & #68. Feel the news. (So many emotions are involved in this last one.  Our hearts go out to Japan as they move forward through this truly terrible time.)
6. Street art.

Now that my vacation is over, posts will again return to normal.  Look forward to some exciting makeovers, big salon news, and creativity from the Avanti team. xo

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