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Let me introduce myself

March 6, 2011

This will be brief, but I wanted to put a face behind the words.  Or, rather than a face, at least some images.  My name is Kate.  I’m the Brand Manager at Avanti.  If you’ve called the salon at any point in the last four years, there’s a pretty good chance you talked with me.  So, HI [again], it’s lovely to meet you!

In the hair industry, a typical weekend for a stylist is Sunday and Monday.  As such, this morning I was able to sleep in, listen to good music, enjoy the tulips on my dining table, and daydream about spring.  I’m getting so excited about bright colors, pink lipsticks, summer braids, and luminous highlights. Spring is almost here, folks!

Tulips in a french press.
Ocean, sand & seashells.
I’m totally obsessed with Jeana Sohn‘s ClosetVisits. The ladies she features are so stylish, eclectic, and downright lovely!  I’m especially loving Sue Tsai’s ombre hair, white walls, & red lips (above)!

Also exciting: yesterday we had two young women in the salon (well, one was quite little, and one was a teenager) who were bold enough to experiment with fun colored streaks in their hair.  One chose red, and the other pink.  They both looked really fantastic, and I know all their classmates are going to be really jealous of their bright pops of color!

Happy Sunday, dear readers! xox

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