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Style File: Jill. Part 1

February 28, 2011

One of the wonderful characteristics about our staff is that we take great pride in being stylish.  I’m happy to say we aren’t slaves to fashion, for our style transcends trends, and all of us love to experiment with new concepts and looks that enhance our individual styles as well as (and more importantly!) the looks of our clients.  We’re an eclectic group, and our inspirations and fashions feed one another, which allows us to constantly be moving forward, together.

That being said, the lovely Jill Dajci is one of the most stylish women we’ve ever met, and we’re so lucky to work alongside her.

I’ve been working with Jill for almost five years, and I can say with complete honesty that I’ve never seen her wear the same outfit twice.  She plays with fashion in such an imaginative yet classic way, and she has an incredible eye for detail that makes each style extra special.  The lipstick, shoes, jewelry and playful way in which she combines it all makes us swoon! In fact, looking forward to what she’s wearing is one of my favorite reasons for coming to work (though I have loads of other terrific reasons for coming to work, too!).

Because Jill always looks so great, I decided it was high time to showcase her personal style for the masses, and we’ll be doing bi-weekly compilations to give you a taste of her magnificent outfits.  (Want more? Book an appointment for a haircut and/or color with her, and soak up the glory of her stylishness in person- all while getting a terrific new style for yourself!)

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